Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Making Fun.....

I'm going to tell everyone now that I am taking brown sweaters and black sweaters and one Tinkerbell sweatshirt to China... so no making fun of me when all the pics show me wearing the same thing!!! Now Lilli AnHui on the other hand has a wardrobe fit for a Princess! When it came time to decide what made the "final cut" for my suitcase... I am afraid it was my clothes that got the old "heave hoe" and Lilli's stayed put! Can you blame me???

I have packed a dozen of those paper thin Gap t-shirts to wear under my sweaters so they won't need to be dry-cleaned every day. Joe will bring me one "nicer" change of clothes for Adoption Day, but after that it is back to my favorites... black and brown!

Funny thing is that after our time in Xian, and happily giving out goodies and gifts, I will have one entire suitcase that will be empty... hmmmmmmmmmmm... what to do, what to do????? I think the nice ladies at the little shops near the Victory on Shaiman Island will surely have an answer to that question!!!

Now I am off to "make copies" because we all know that when it is time to go to China... it is time to make copies!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh No... Reality Check!!!

OK... I thought I was all packed, but in reality, I had not put in all the "meds", toiletries, snacks, my things, papers, gifts for the children at the CWI and Foster Home, etc etc etc. ... and now that I have ... my suitcases won't close!!!

So when I added the last few items, and could not zip the puffed up bags... I purged. I really downsized and put a bunch of stuff back in the closet. They still won't close. It will be easy once we are in Xian as so much of what I have packed will be "shared" ... but that still leaves a big problem ~ getting it all to Beijing and then to Xian. YIKES!!!

... any suggestions?????

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Really am Packed!

I really am packed... now, this does not mean that I won't unpack and repack once a day until we depart... but the major decisions of what to pack etc. are made. I will have 2 checked bags and 1 carry on. I will need to pay an extra bag fee on our flight from Beijing to Xian, but will be fine on all other flights. This is as "small" as I could get!!!

A friend of mine (Thank you Ellie for the great idea!!!) suggested that I pack Lilli's clothing in "outfits"... so notice the Ziploc bag above... it has everything needed to dress Lilli for an outing. Each Ziploc contains socks, undies, pants, undershirt, shirt, sweater, and hair accessories! It was so much fun stuffing the baggies! And you know... I am sure the baggies will be of great use while we are in China... you can never have enough Ziploc baggies while on a trip!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Our Itinerary

Thursday ~ February 21st - Arrive Beijing via Singapore Airlines. Visit Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

Friday ~ 22nd - Great Wall Tour and Evening Chinese Acrobat Show

Saturday ~ 23rd - Tour Summer Palace and Tea House

Sunday ~ 24th - Fly from Beijing to Xian --- Meet Lilli AnHui!!!!

Monday ~ 25th - Adoption Finalization - for China

Tuesday ~ 26th - Tour Terra Cotta Warriors

Wednesday ~ 27th - Tour Xi'an CWI (Lilli's Orphanage) and Bethlehem Foster Home (Lilli's Group Foster Home)
Thursday ~ 28th - Xi'an City Tour - Including City Wall and Bell Tower

Friday ~ 29th - Pick up Passport - Fly to Guangzhou

Saturday ~ March 1st - Medical Exam and Visa Photos for US Consulate

Sunday ~ 2nd - Tour Safari Park
Monday ~ 3rd - Visa Appointment at US Consulate and Chen Clan Tour

Tuesday ~ 4th - US Consulate Oath and receive Passport - Turn in Passport to Commonwealth Consulate for Aussie Visa
Wednesday ~ 5th - Free Day .... Which translates to a very needed "sleep in" and a bit of shopping!

Thursday ~ 6th - Pick up Passport with Aussie Visa and Fly to Hong Kong
Friday ~ 7th - Hong Kong Disney

Saturday ~ 8th - Depart Hong Kong for Singapore ~ Late arrival

Sunday ~ 9th - Enjoy Orchard Road in Singapore and depart for Sydney ~ Evening Flight
Monday ~ 10th - Arrive Sydney at 7:20am..... Drive to Canberra ~ YEAH!!!! HOME SWEET HOME! Hug my babies... big and small!!!

March 11th - 19th -Rest and Recuperate and Enjoy Grandma and Grandpa before they return to the US!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CA and Travel Plans

We have been confirmed for a Consular Appointment on March 3rd at 9am. So the travel planning fun began.... After one crazy hectic day (remember the time difference) we finally had confirmed flight arrangements about an hour ago ~ thanks to some help from a friend!!!
So now BOIT ( Our Adoption Agency's Travel Arm in China) will work their magic on our in-country travel and viola - we will have a full itinerary shortly! I will share it when it arrives!

One major change in our plans is that Abby will be staying home. There was an issue today regarding her passport and Joe and I decided it was best for her to remain home with Papa, Joey, Holly, and Daniel - and Daddy when he returns after a quick few days in Xian! I am sad that Abby won't be there to share Lilli's first few days with us - but I am sure they will quickly unite (against me and my clean house!!! hahahaha!!!) once we return home!!!

Good night for now - it has been one "dooooooooooozeeeeeeeeeee" of a day!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


We received TA on the 21st of January and have requested our Consulate Appointment at the US Consulate in Guangzhou on March 3, 2008. We should depart on Australia on February 20, 2008 and meet Lilli AnHui on the 24th. When all travel plans are confirmed, I will post all the details here.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where We Will Travel

The reason for this trip is Lilli. She is the focus; however, having to remain in one of the oldest civilizations and most amazing cultures for a minimum of 2 weeks, we are allowed the opportunity to drink in a little of the history and splendor that China has to offer.
We will fly from Sydney to Beijing and start our trip in Beijing (1) with a visit to the Great wall, Tian'an Men Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Ming Tombs. A lot to do in a few short days but with an experienced guide in tow it is all possible.
Next we will take the overnight train (private sleeper car) to Xian (2). Joe will meet us here and we will meet our daughter. We will spend a week in Xian completing all the necessary paperwork for Lilli AnHui to legally become our daughter in the eyes of China. In the spare moments in Xian, we will visit the Xian Children's Welfare Institute (orphanage) where Lilli spent her first years. We will also visit the Terracotta Army, Panda Preservation Center, and Bell Tower.
From Xian, we will board a China Southern flight to Guangzhou(3). In Guangzhou, the focus will be completing Lilli's US adoption paperwork at the US Consulate located here. We will also complete the necessary paperwork for Lilli's Australian Visa so she can come home. While in Guangzhou, there are several days available for sight seeing and a little shopping too. We will be staying on Shamian Island and from there, we hope to visit the Animal Park, partake in an evening cruise on the Pearl River, and walk through one of the National Gardens.
From here, it will be time for some Disney magic as we depart for a 3 hour van ride to Hong Kong(4)! We will enjoy the fun of Disney, but also visit Victoria Peak and take a ride on the Star Ferry.
Finally we will depart Hong Kong for Sydney and begin the real journey... as a family of seven!