Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Making Fun.....

I'm going to tell everyone now that I am taking brown sweaters and black sweaters and one Tinkerbell sweatshirt to China... so no making fun of me when all the pics show me wearing the same thing!!! Now Lilli AnHui on the other hand has a wardrobe fit for a Princess! When it came time to decide what made the "final cut" for my suitcase... I am afraid it was my clothes that got the old "heave hoe" and Lilli's stayed put! Can you blame me???

I have packed a dozen of those paper thin Gap t-shirts to wear under my sweaters so they won't need to be dry-cleaned every day. Joe will bring me one "nicer" change of clothes for Adoption Day, but after that it is back to my favorites... black and brown!

Funny thing is that after our time in Xian, and happily giving out goodies and gifts, I will have one entire suitcase that will be empty... hmmmmmmmmmmm... what to do, what to do????? I think the nice ladies at the little shops near the Victory on Shaiman Island will surely have an answer to that question!!!

Now I am off to "make copies" because we all know that when it is time to go to China... it is time to make copies!!!

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